What types of airplanes can you rent?

Airplane rental businesses are growing at a fast pace in terms of popularity and reliability, and we can’t forget about the different top pilots who just want to pilot whenever they want or if they are hired as a private pilot to offer their services to the plane’s owner. However, renting a plane can be pretty difficult for some reasons, being the first one the insanely high cost that most private airplanes have, and also if you don’t know how to do proper maintenance or even changing the fuel, then a lot of bad things could happen in the future.

But, even if those reasons sound enough to hold your needs of joining the airplane rental business, then you also need to consider the fact that there are lots of available options for you to rent! And, if you don’t know what are you getting into, then there is always the possibility of getting scammed or tricked, so, you should know what types of airplanes can you rent to avoid committing any rookie mistake that can lead you to a great loss of money. So, let’s describe the airplanes that can be rented in the actual market.

What Types of Airplanes can you Rent?


This is the standard category, a good start point for some enthusiasts who want to experience the private class in a good way without wasting so much money in the process. Since the planes that are in this category aren’t as powerful, fast, and even reliable than the next ones, they are only used for short trips like crossing states or things like that, however, everything for some privacy with your family during a flight will be worth it.

Some of the best and most common airplanes that are in this light jet category are the Cessna Citation Mustang and Citation CJ3 as well as the Beechcraft King Air 200, being this last one the most expensive of the category in some cases. Learn more about getting your very own private jet rental .


The second category is the mid-size one, you will see a major upgrade in the planes of this category such as a better amount of fuel, better interior, controls, speed, and stability will make it a truly private experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. Since everything is better in comparison to the light jets, the prices will be higher of course. These planes are also used for traveling to other states and even to close countries.

The most common planes that can be used for rental in this mid category are the Bombardier Learjet 40/40 XR and the 60 XR, as well as the Cessna Citation X and the Hawker Beechcraft 700, some good quality and incredible airplanes to enjoy a good and comfortable flight.


The giants of the business, perfect for long trips and flights, a wonderful piece of art that only a few ones can afford, and since everything is bigger, you will find things like bigger cabins, luxurious interiors and a better service of flight attendants due to the insane amount of space that they will have to do their work. Since this category can be counted as a VIP experience, the prices per hour flight can be three times higher than the light jet category, but if you are planning to go to other countries then it will be worth it.

We find big names in this categories when it comes to planes like the Airbus A319, the Boeing BBJ and even the Bombardier Challenger 850, true beasts that will reach their objectives in no time while giving a good and comfortable experience to the pilots and lucky passengers,